30 mins - $50EA

$450 FOR 10 PACK        

45 mins - $75EA

$650 FOR 10 PACK

60 mins - $90EA

$800 FOR 10 PACK

Perfect for combining an assessment with your initial workout or if you really want  an extra push to achieve your goals



Personal trainers are trained to be able to assess your current fitness and strength and develop a program for you to follow to get the best out of the time you spend in the club and achieve your health and fitness goals as quickly and as safely as possible.  Our trainers are all highly qualified and have different sets of skills. If you would like us to introduce you to the right trainer for your goals, please fill in the form below.

Drop us a line and we will get a trainer to get in contact asap!

Great for quick follow up sessions. Not recommended for initial sessions as the trainer will require more time to get to know your individual needs. 

A great option for regular sessions. 45 minutes provides enough time to cover multiple muscle groups and go through new programs.

Thanks! A trainer will be in contact within 24hrs