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with Cory

High Intensity Interval Training with a twist – a hit of boxing! Usually coached as a circuit style class incorporating primal movements, high intensity exercises and boxing with a partner for an incredibly fun, challenging workout.

HIIT - High intensity interval training

with Cory, Jono & Laura

High Intensity Interval Training has been designed to achieve results fast. An efficient calorie burning class where each exercise is different, keeping your workouts interesting and maximising your results.


with Cory, Jono, Kate, Melinda, Rowie & Victoria

Participants follow a leader on a stationary bike as the instructor takes you through a journey set to uplifting music great for cardio training and lower body muscular fitness.

What's the difference between RPM and Spin? RPM is the Les Mills choreographed program that some of our instructors are qualified in. Spin is a freestyle version which means our instructors have created their own choreography to their choice of music. Both are an epic cycle workout! 

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