with Cecilia, Rakapa, Rawinia & Rowie

The original barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body. This sixty-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups, will burn calories, increase core strength, improve bone health and tone your entire body fast.


with Abby

A mat-based Pilates class which is a low-impact muscular strength & endurance workoutwith a focus on flexibility, mobility, core strength and muscular balance.  

Personal Trainer gym session

with one of our Personal Trainers - on a rotating basis

Every Saturday at 12:30pm one of our Personal Trainers hosts a 'gym session' in the main gym space. This session is part of the Group Fitness schedule so it is complimentary for all members to use as many times as they wish.

This session offers an orientation to the cardio and strength equipment on the ground floor of the facility, or an opportunity to be in a small group with a Personal Trainer to ask training-specific questions. Feel free to use this session as often as you wish to familiarise yourself with the space, pick up some technique tips or new exercises to reinvigorate your regular program!