Looking sexy and lean is great, but the exercise you do in the club, should be functional and help you to function better in every day life. Building strength and maintaining muscle mass becomes increasingly important as we get older as our growth hormone production starts to decline. However, with regular weight based resistance training you can maintain muscle mass and improve bone density, despite your age.


Below are the options we offer at Lasseters Health Club to help you increase your STRENGTH.

Personal trainers are trained to be able to assess your current fitness and strength and develop a program for you to follow to get the best out of the time you spend in the club and achieve your health and fitness goals as quickly and as safely as possible.  If you would like us to introduce you to the right trainer for your goals, please CLICK HERE

personal trainers - $65 for 45 mins/$80 for 60 mins

pump classes 

The original barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups, will burn calories, increase core strength and improve bone health and shape and tone your entire body fast. These classes are held in the Main Studio around seven times per week. If you are new to the class, please let the instructor know. Even if you want to try a class but don't feel you are up to a full 60 minutes, you are welcome to do what you can and leave early. Just notify your instructor. 

powerfit class 

Using varied functional training for all fitness levels using exercises which are scaled to fit the members individual strength and fitness.

HIit class 

High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to not only build strength but also build your fitness. Classes are based around several body weight and weighted exercises in a circuit. 

FRee weights 

Free weights are a great way of building strength and lean muscle mass. However it is very important that you are exercising in a full range of motion but within your limitations. Repetitions should be maintained to a point where you are fatigued but maintaining proper form. If you would like a personalised weights based program, please CLICK HERE to get in contact with one of our Personal Trainers.

pin loaded weights - Downstairs area of gym

Pin loaded weights/machines are the safest way to get started with resistance training. As the machine provides support for your back and the weight is lifted through guides and pulleys, it is mush easier to find the correct plane of movement.