The most important muscle is the one that pumps oxygenated blood around our body and keeps us alive, our heart. 

Weight training helps strengthen our muscles, but only periods of increased heart rate can help us strengthen the heart. 

When our heart has to beat faster during cardiovascular training such as running, cycling or high intensity interval training, the walls of our heart start to develop and thicken as it builds strength. The thicker the muscle wall, the more oxygenated blood the heart can pump around the body in one beat. More oxygenated blood to the muscles with less beats, means increased cardiovascular fitness. 

Cardio should be incorporated into all fitness programs and we would recommend doing cardio after weights, not before to increase fat burning potential. 

We highly recommend the use of MYZONE heart rate belts so you can monitor your cardivascular output via the screens around the club. Please see reception for more info. Belts are $109.


Participants follow a leader on a stationary bike as the instructor takes you through a journey set to uplifting music. Great for cardio training and lower body muscular fitness.


Combat is a high intensity Mixed Martial Arts based class, designed to take the movements of several varieties of MMA and put them together with music into a great cardio workout.


AQUA FIT – Tanya: A gentle low impact class in shallow water this is a sixty minute class to suit all fitness levels the water reducing impact on the joints by supporting up to 85% of body weight, making it the perfect environment for those with injuries or limitations.


HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, has been designed to achieve serious results,  fast. no matter what your current fitness level and is an efficient calorie burning class. Each exercise is different to keep your workouts interesting and maximise results.


This class will encourage and motivate you to work towards your full potential classes include a strength/cardio workout, boxing techniques, pad work, timed stations music and lots of fun.

gym area 

The front section of the Health Club as you enter the front door is our designated cardio equipment area. All the equipment is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface. You can select from pre-programmed workouts or go at your own pace. If you would like a personalised cardio based program, please CLICK HERE to get in contact with one of our Personal Trainers.


personal trainers - $65 for 45 mins/$80 for 60 mins

Personal trainers are trained to be able to assess your current fitness and cardiovascular fitness and develop a program for you to follow to get the best out of the time you spend in the club and achieve your health and fitness goals as quickly and as safely as possible.   If you would like us to introduce you to the right trainer for your goals, please CLICK HERE