Can't touch your toes? We can help! Flexibility is really important in everyday life 

Our abs are made up of different muscles. Rectus abdominus (Upper and lower fibers), Obliques (internal and external), and Transverse which is like our in built weight belt which supports our lower back. Just like any muscle, it is important to rest your muscles and not target the same muscles every day. We would recommend targeting one group per day as overworking one muscle will shorten them and lead to postural issues.

Below are the options we offer at Lasseters Health Club to help you increase your CORE STRENGTH.


Yoga is a great class to not only build core strength but also enjoy some relaxation. All equipment is provided, all you need to bring is yourself. You will be guided by an experienced instructor through a series of poses which are designed to strengthen your limbs while opening airways and strengthening your core. Yoga is also a great way to help release stress and anxiety.


Similar to Yoga, however the poses are sometimes held a little longer and transitions are a little faster. Great option for those who are looking for a workout that is intense, but gentle on the joints.


A class designed to teach you the tools to release trigger points and tension, myofascially stretch and decompress joints. Ease pain, improve posture, increase sports performance and reduce risk of injury. A great low impact class for people of all fitness levels. 

personal trainers

Personal trainers are trained to be able to assess your current fitness and strength and develop a program for you to follow to get the best out of the time you spend in the club and achieve your health and fitness goals as quickly and as safely as possible.  We would highly recommend NOT doing any weight loaded ab exercises if you do not have any experience in the gym environment. It is easy to damage your back if exercises are not performed correctly. If you would like us to introduce you to the right trainer for your goals, please CLICK HERE

gym area Downstairs area of gym

There are many pieces of equipment which you can use to strengthen your core but to avoid injury, it is incredibly important to perform the exercises with the correct form. You can use cables, dumbbells, barbells and even the ab crunch machine to target the different muscles in your midsection. If you would like a personalised weights based program, please CLICK HERE to get in contact with one of our Personal Trainers.